Please find Fillable PDFs we request you fill in and either mail or email back to  We will respond back at our earliest convenience

Document Request Form                 pdfDocument Request.pdf
Skip Trace Request Form                 pdfSkip Trace Request.pdf
Investigation Request Form             pdfInvestigation Request.pd
Please be advised, Skip traces and Investigations can only be conducted adhereing strictly to Canadian Privacy Laws.

Base Fees***

For non-corporate clients rough cost is $55 per individual served(includes preparation and commisioning affidavit of service) plus transportation** and $27.50 per attempt plus transportation* and any other disbursments ie. wait time, communication, copies, postage***

Skip Trace
It is all dependant on man hours and resources used. Cost on average is $300-$500**. 30 to 60 day turnaround on average. If outside of Manitoba costs start at $700

It is always recommended to have two operatives working in tandem to ensure all exits are covered and rotate trail vehicles
$100/hr for 1st operative and $65/operative for the 2nd operative plus tansportation**, disbursments and video creation.***

*These prices are subject to change
**Transportation is  billed at .55/km up to $0.70 depending on Gas Prices. $0.70 is if gas is over $2.00/litre
***For non corporate clients a retainer of approximately 50% of invoice will be required prior to work commencing
****Based on document being commissioned only and non corporate. (Notary cost starts at $30)

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